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Plans progress for 6.5 mile coastal trail in Eureka

EUREKA- The City of Eureka is one step closer to constructing a 6.5 mile coastal trail from Herrick Avenue to Tydd Street. 

People enjoy the Hikshari’ Trail for different reasons.

"It's beautiful and I like to take my dog for a walk here," said Scottie Bacon, who lives in Eureka.

"The birds and the tranquility," said Linda Leffers, who lives in Eureka and uses the Hikshari’ Trail regularly.

At Tuesday night’s Eureka City Council Meeting, a portion of the funds originally intended for an alternative north-south route to Highway 101 in Eureka were re-authorized for “Phase A” of the Waterfront Trail.

“Phase A” will go from the north end of the Hikshari' Trail to the Del Norte Street Pier.  Some people in Eureka say they are in favor of those plans.

"I go out to the Elk River area all the time, and to add that new trail was wonderful.  And to have it come down here would make it even better.  All kinds of people would use it," said Tom Stokes, who lives in Eureka.

Now, environmental assessments must be completed and some additional funding is needed to complete “Phase A” of the Waterfront Trail.  Special funds earmarked for trails from the state, the federal government, and non-profit organizations will be needed to complete the approximately $2.5 million phase.

"It's about recreation.  And it's also about esthetics for tourists as well as the citizens here to use that trail, for tourists to look at the bay, to see our beauty of our bay as well as to get a vision looking back into our town and be able to walk without traffic," said Eureka City Council Member Mike Newman.

City officials expect construction of “Phase A” of the Waterfront Trail in less than two years.  They say ideally, the entire 6.5 mile Waterfront Trail could be complete in about five years.