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Plans underway for Measure X funding

SOUTHERN HUMBOLDT- A week after voters passed a bond measure for Southern Humboldt schools, the district says it is ready to finish the work they began.

Voters passed Measure X, allowing Southern Humboldt Unified School District to sell $10 million worth of bonds. The bond measure was on the ballot in June, but failed by only 18 votes. District officials say increased education and outreach helped the measure pass this time around.

The money will go towards finishing planned modernization projects initiated by the 2010 bond Measure L. Those projects include repairing leaking roofs, modernizing over 40-year old facilities, making safety improvements and updating technology.

The $10 million bond will cancel out the remaining $10 million outlined in Measure L. The 2010 measure granted the school district to sell $25 million worth of bonds. However, the state of California only allowed $60 of every $100,000 of assessed property value to go towards that bond, so the district could only access $15 million from the measure. The remaining $10 million would not have been accessible for another eight to 10 years until property values went up. Measure X will allow the district to access that additional $10 million immediately and finish those projects before the plans expire.