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Plaza Fence Put on Hold

A fence is likely to stay off the plaza after the Arcata City Council decided not to move forward with the idea after listening to business' outcry against the fence. Arcata Main Street President, David Neyra, said at the council meeting on Wednesday that the organization is working with businesses to create an alternative plan.

Council member Susan Ornelas said she would put forward a motion that fencing be banned from the plaza entirely in the future.
Arcata Main Streets decision came after holding a round table discussion with Arcata business owners Tuesday night. At the meeting, Neyra said, it was apparent owners did not want the fence again.
"We want to preserve the businesses right to do business," said Neyra
Michael Winkler, a city council liaison for Arcata Main Street said it appears the organization is listening to businesses.
"It is very clear from businesses in the community that the fence is not acceptable," said Winkler
Neyra said he is entertaining all ideas for the event, and will meet with business owners again in the upcoming week.