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Police in Eureka cracking down on graffiti

In Eureka, police are cracking down on graffiti.

EUREKA- On Monday a Eureka man was arrested for felony vandalism and police believe he may be responsible for tagging as many as 17 locations. 

The Eureka Police Department received a call from a business on 4th street of a report of vandalism. Scott Joe Cano was seen on camera spray painting the wall of that business.

"Mostly what we see are people who are either trying to highlight themselves or trying to highlight something that they want to communicate," said Chief Andrew Mills of the Eureka Police Department.

An employee of that business says graffiti has been a problem since they opened.

"We moved into this building and renovated it about a year ago.  We just had our ribbon cutting last week and it is frustrating to have somebody come along in 30 seconds and deface it," said Ian Shatz, who works at the business which was vandalized.

Many say its not just the businesses which suffer, but the city as a whole.

Sharon Winnett visits Eureka weekly from Trinidad.

"It breaks my heart to see it because I think it really takes away from a beautiful area. I think Eureka is just amazing so the more graffiti that appears the less beautiful it becomes," Winnett said.

But police say it presents even more problems.

"It can cause violence. There have been several documented examples around the country where one person will put up a tag and somebody else will try to paint it over or cross it out and then violence will be the result," said Chief Mills.

Authorities ask you to call the police immediately if someone has put up graffiti.  If it is private property, they ask you to paint over it as soon as possible.