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Possibility of dog park discussed at Arcata Goal Session Meeting

ARCATA- The Arcata City Council will meet with every department in city hall over the next three weeks for the city's annual goal setting session. The council met with staff on Monday to discuss upcoming projects and possible projects for the future including a leash free area for dogs near the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Mark Wheetley, the Mayor of Arcata, said unleashed dogs in the marsh have become an issue in the area. Wheetley said the city is considering sectioning off an area near the marsh for dogs to roam free. "A place for dogs to get off leash and get all their ya-yas out, then get back on leash so they are not out disrupting wildlife when their out going on their walk," said Wheetley.

Wheetley said the purpose of the goal setting meetings is to table different projects and address funding for them before the city adopts a budget for the upcoming year. At the meeting the city discussed a water tank project which will hold additional water for the city and making upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant.

The next meeting will take place on March 3rd at 9 a.m. at City Hall. The city will look into the Environmental Services, Community Development, Police Department and the City Manager's Office.