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Preliminary hearing for Christian John Kay pushed back again

EUREKA- Christian John Kay, the 18-year-old Eureka High School student who plead “not guilty” to allegedly using a pellet gun to injure two fellow students back in November, had his preliminary hearing pushed back for a second time today in court. 

The judge told Kay’s attorney they could start the preliminary hearing Thursday but it would have to be continued Friday.  When Kay’s attorney notified the judge that Kay would not be available on Friday, the court decided to move the preliminary hearing back to February 25th.

A parent of one of the victims told News Channel 3, “Anytime you go through something like this as a family, you are ready for justice to be served in a timely manner…We are feeling frustrated with the system.  Kay was charged with using a pellet gun to shoot two Eureka High School students on November 7th of last year.  One of the victims had to be hospitalized.  Christian John Kay plead “not guilty” on December 9th. His initial preliminary hearing date was January 22nd

We were not able to get in contact with any of Kay’s family or his attorney.