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Preservation of Mad River watershed to be discussed at public meeting

MAD RIVER- On Friday, the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District is holding a joint board meeting with the Ruth Lake Community Services District.  Water officials say it's a once-a-year opportunity for multiple agencies to come together to discuss the preservation of Ruth Lake.

"It really helps us maintain a very strong relationship, but also talk about any issues or projects of interest that are going on that year," said Carol Rische, the General Manager o the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District.

Trinity County 5th District Supervisor John Fenley, US Forest Service representatives, members of the Trinity County Volunteer Fire Department, and officials with the California Highway Patrol will all be there.  Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District officials say a goal of the meeting is to spread awareness about the possible adverse effects from some of the marijuana cultivation in the Mad River watershed.  Officials with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife will give a presentation and hold a discussion on this topic.

"Some of the growers are illegally diverting water from the main stem river or the tributary, so there's less water for other water right holders, like us, or for key fisheries and other aquatic habitat.  There's also water quality adverse impacts, potentially, from grading or sight development that isn't done with appropriate practices or chemical spills," Rische said.

To attend the meeting, first meet at the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District Main Office in Eureka on Friday at 10 a.m.  The office is located on 828 7th Street in Eureka. From there, people will carpool to the Ruth Lake Community Services District Hall in Mad River, where lunch will be provided before the meeting begins at 1 p.m.  The Ruth Lake Community Services District Hall is located at 591 Van Duzen Road in Mad River, and is also known as the Community Center.