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Pro gun activists react to new CA gun laws

SACRAMENTO- Governor Brown signed 11 gun control bills into law and he vetoed 7 bills. Many pro gun advocates view the signing of the gun control bills as an infringement on their right to bear and keep arms.
2013 has been a year riddled with gun violence across the nation. It spurred dozens of gun control bills in California.  
One bill signed into law bans the use of lead ammunition in hunting by 2019. Environmental protection groups believe the new law will help eliminate the impact on lead on wildlife such as the California condor.  
Pro gun advocates say phasing in non-lead ammunition by 2019 will have a major impact on the hunting sport. It will require the state’s leading anti-hunting and fishing group, the Fish and Game Commission, to set non-lead regulations by July 15, 2015, with the ban to begin July 15, 2019. Gun advocates don't agree with giving a state agency that kind of power. Sam Paredes, the executive director for Gun Owners of California said, "the net effect of this bill by banning the use of any ammunition that contains lead for hunting. Will in effect ban hunting with rifles and handguns in the state of California when it goes in effect."
Paredes added he and other gun advocates will prepare their fight against other gun control bills that will be introduced next year.