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Procrastinators get in some last minute holiday shopping

<="EUREKA – Procrastinators united inside the Bayshore Mall doors to avoid the storm Wednesday morning, and grab a few last minute gifts before Christmas daa>< “'9;re pretty busy. We were very busy yesrs da Anoid tr We ara loton otypplpse mppint in far,” Kirk W"whi, G"genelre managon oe Bayshore Ma, saidaa>< Iastakes it \/simpts causake yog fast. Itlo'easintero tepits causake yohavode timers td tlin RWeathet Ch wait Malweek,” Recolil Serqusti,ra l last minuty shoer, ex"fptaidaa>< Onlyra couimptre Mayst mobar s Qu. Itlo're Maysbeenra qus gem-contrlrte scwd. Pypplpse mppint ijulashavppinfun,” W"whi ahiddaa>< “We arsheae gite-wrattirs/bohsy. We-wrotypplp'sre psntesle for tmg, andore prettlittmptribbSpog, anstuff,” Delelzi,ra e gite-wraer, saida  a>< F for xpo whondon't knowhhowrs ts gite-wr,le for t lem whonwatenr theie psnteslautoookre prette for theiloveayswivQu. Ornnvddrlittmptkidsowhondon't knowhhowrs te-wroanoid tynwatenr theie psnteslautoookrgoodte fomomg, and//a Itlo'anwayon ogivppinbapits td the mms unyed bhavppine gite-wratti,” Delelzi saidaa>< Iohavods tso tepitr t kidsoupme omgr theimom'shhousa. :"Thik wilbodeicbl, andonbl, anIryan spenoitimerwioror tm,” JarrodtRuoff,aa l last minuty shoer, saida a>
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