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Procrastinators get in some last minute holiday shopping

EUREKA – Procrastinators united inside the Bayshore Mall doors to avoid the storm Wednesday morning, and grab a few last minute gifts before Christmas day.

“We're pretty busy. We were very busy yesterday. And there are a lot of people coming in so far,” Kirk White, General Manager of Bayshore Mall, said.

Among the crowds of shoppers, some say they can’t help putting present buying off to the last minute but others procrastinate on purpose.

“It makes it simple because you go fast. It's easier to pick because you have no time to think. Rather than wait all week,” Rodelil Serquina, a last minute shopper, explained.

Mall officials tell us they hired on extra staff, extra security, extra housekeeping, and extra maintenance for the expected shopper surge. And it’s paying off.

“Only a couple really minor issues. It's really been a quiet controlled crowd. People coming in just having fun,” White added.

Having fun, checking off the shopping list, and even getting the gifts wrapped.

“We are the gift wrapping booth. We wrap people's presents for them and do pretty little ribbons and stuff,” Demelza, a gift wrapper, said.  

These ladies are making the mall a one stop shop to get presents and wrap them too.

“For those who don't know how to gift wrap, for the men who want their presents to look pretty for their lovely wives. Or even little kids who don't know how to wrap and they want their presents to look good for mom and dad. It's a way of giving back to the community by having gift wrapping,” Demelza said.

And shoppers are thankful for the little extra time it buys them to spend it doing what’s most important this holiday season.

“I have to go pick the kids up from their mom's house. This will be nice and done and I can spend time with them,” Jarrod Ruoff, a last minute shopper, said.