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Project designed to strengthen water transmission pipes in Samoa

SAMOA- A pipeline break was discovered in the southern portion of the Samoa Peninsula.  On Tuesday afternoon, crews with the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District isolated the leak. Water district officials say this break, which is the fifth in the last 20 years in this area, highlights the need for an upcoming project that is designed to make the make the pipes stronger.

The break occurred at Lindstrom Avenue in Northern Fairhaven. Water officials say the kind of piping used in this area is fragile and susceptible to failures during a seismic event. As part of the current project, crews will replace the old pipes with PVC Pipe, which they is more seismically resilient and easier to repair.  Officials say the replacement project will increase water supply reliability for the Samoa peninsula, the Humboldt Community Services District, and the City of Eureka during emergency situations.

"I think a lot of the public expects their utility services to be reliable, whether it's if you come home, flip on the switch and you want your lights to go on or in water, you turn on your tap.  And i think the community expects that and I think that's a reasonable expectation.  So we in the service business have to provide products and services that meet that need. Plus, we are very dependent on water.   For basic sanitation and health and basic fire suppression," said Carole Rische, the General Manager of the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District.

The Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District will consider awarding the construction contract to Wahlund Construction on Thursday.  If awarded, construction could begin this August.  The project is being funded by a $2.8 million federal grant.