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Protests at HSU after faculty member fired

ARCATA- A second day of protests took place on the Humboldt State University campus Tuesday. Hundreds of students stood on the University Center Quad in solidarity, protesting against the firing of a faculty member.

At 11:11 am several students marched out of class and marched to the quad. There, students called for answers asking the administration to reveal the reason for the decision and to stop cuts to minority student programs.

Dr. Jacquelyn Boleman was reportedly fired from the university on Thursday. A beloved mentor she was the Director of STEM and INRSEP. STEM serves underrepresented students, INRSEP. the Indian Natural Resources, Sciences and Engineering Program supports Native American, Alaskan and Native Hawaiian students pursuing natural resources and science degrees.

Humboldt State's new president, Lisa Rossbacher was not on campus today, she was attending a California State University meeting in Long Beach. However, she issued the following statement in response to the protest:

"I know that many students are upset and concerned about the personnel action we had to take in the STEM Center for Academic Excellence last week. I hear that, and I understand they are frustrated that we can't share details with them.  What I want students to understand is that the University is committed to the STEM Center and the INRSEP program within it. We are absolutely dedicated to supporting Native students and underrepresented students on this campus."