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Public safety agencies run simulated training exercises

ARCATA - “There's always a probability of a crash and it's just something we need to be ready for,” Flight Safety Officer Keith Roberts with the Coast Guard Air Station said.

The Coast Guard, Arcata Fire Protection District, and Humboldt Bay Fire Department are conducting training exercises this week to ensure they are ready.

“Provide realistic scenario for the fire department and get some good training for EMS personnel,” Officer Roberts said.  

The coast guard simulated an emergency May Day, sending distress calls to their communication center. The chopper gave a last known location to the dispatch center, landing at Mad River Hospital. And as if it was real, Arcata Fire and Humboldt Bay Fire personnel responded.

“Our first arriving engine was given a photo of what the scene would have really looked like which was the same aircraft on it's side with 4 major injuries to the crew members inside and then they started to build an emergency mitigation plan to deal with that emergency,” Battalion Chief Sean Campbell, said.

Responding personnel built an emergency mitigation plan to handle the situation and carried out the steps, removing the Coast Guard personnel from the chopper.

The training simulates a realistic emergency to assess the coast guards aviation mishap plan and provide opportunities for our local public safety agencies to meet each other and work together. 

This is the first drill the agencies have done off-site and the training and safety officers were pleased with the experience.

“When they come out here and do the hands on drill it just reinforces those things they learn in the classroom and allows them to put a slideshow of information in their head that they can draw from if they have a real emergency,” Battalion Chief Campbell said.