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Rally to be held in Sacramento urging preventative water flows in Trinity and Klamath Rivers

Members of the Hoopa, Yurok and Karuk Tribes, as well as concerned citizens, will hold a rally at the Bureau of Reclamation Office in Sacramento on Tuesday.

The rally is to urge the Bureau to add additional into the Trinity and Klamath Rivers immediately, in order to prevent a major fish kill.  Recently, the Bureau of Reclamation told tribal members that additional water would not be released until a fish kill begins. With water being regularly diverted from the Trinity River to California’s Central Valley for agriculture purposes, tribal members say low water levels are killing the fish. In addition, biologists fear a fish kill, like the one in 2002 that killed 70,000 salmon, could happen if additional preventative water flows aren't released into the rivers. Organizers expect hundreds to attend Tuesday’s rally.

"We need the BOR to be responsible and so we urge people, we need to encourage them to do the right thing.  We all enjoy eating fish so much and if we do, we need to support the fish and show our love for the river," said Annelia Hillman, a Yurok Tribal Member.