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Rash of broken windows reported in Eureka

EUREKA- After a rash of acts of vandalism to Eureka businesses over the last several months, police still do not have any suspects. 

Since late October, at least four buildings in Eureka have gotten their windows smashed by unknown vandals.

"With this type of case, it's usually listed as a malicious mischief.  It's a quick action.  It could be a rock thrown.  Someone could flee fairly quickly, so the odds of someone being in the area still when the officers get there is pretty slim," said Brittany Powell, the Public Information Officer for the Eureka Police Department.

Harris & K Market had six of its windows broken in2014.

“Just the nonsense of someone just going by and breaking a window.  For what purpose?  It's very frustrating," said James Pastori, the owner of Harris & K Market.

In late October, someone broke a window of the Roy Hansen Building on 4th Street.  The building owner, Mary Lou Lorensen, says she had to pay the full price to fix it, because her insurance company’s deductible is higher than the price it costs to repair broken windows.

"You just have to take it out of your own pocket and pay for the window and in many cases these are merchants that are just regular guys and they have to foot the bill," said Lorensen.

James Pastori says he has the same problem.

“There's a minimum deductible and then at some point, if you keep on reporting it, my premium is going to go up, so it's sort of a double-edged sword," Pastori said.

Police say there are ways to help prevent vandalism.

"Business owners can invest in reliable and tough windows.  Also, contact an alarm company and see about getting glass-break motion censors that go off as soon as a broken window occurs," Powell said.

Authorities say surveillance cameras can act as a deterrent for criminals.

“If someone sees a camera, it might deter them from wanting to break a window with the thought that they could be seen,” said Powell.

They also say to illuminate buildings as much as possible.

"Visibility in any kind of setting is important, regardless if it's a business or a residence.  Anyone driving by can be a witness if they can be seen.  We recommend hedges, anything blocking doors or windows, to lower those down, brighten up your business so that people can be seen," Powell said.