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Read Across America Day held at Washington Elementary School in Eureka

EUREKA- The birthday of the beloved children’s author, Dr. Seuss, is on Sunday.  On Friday, students at Washington Elementary School in Eureka took part in the National Education Association’s Reading Across America Day.

Students at Washington Elementary School enjoy a good book for a variety of reasons.

"I know that reading helps you spell better and it helps your brain," said Kaitlin Giacone, a second grader at Washington Elementary School.

"When I read, it feels like I'm learning more to life," said Sutton Beahler, a second grader at the school.

At Read Across America Day, a national initiative designed to create a generation of life-long readers, the students at Washington Elementary School participated in various activities and got to spend the day reading in their pajamas.

"Reading is fun, it's relaxing.  It's something that you can do any time and anywhere.  So it's just to make it a comfortable, relaxing and fun day of reading," said Kim Rhoads-Brooks, the Student Services Coordinator at Washington Elementary School.

"I went to bed, I woke up, and then I said, 'Mom, I'm brushing my teeth and I'm going to school like this!'" said Ziamara Leshellegee, who is a third grader at Washington Elementary School.

Some Washington Elementary School students had goals for reading a certain number of books on Friday.  The entire school participated in the nationwide contest organized by the Accelerated Reader Program to read 5 million books on Friday.  Students have to understand what they are reading to meet those goals, by passing an online reading comprehension test to get credit for the book they read.

Students have to pass a comprehension test on the computer in order to be awarded their points.

"We want to make sure that all students are understanding what they read and it inspires them to try and reach goals because they are given points," said Bridgett Hernandez, a third grade teacher at the school.

And given the opportunity to develop habits which will help them the rest of their lives.

The National Education Association’s Read Across America Day has been held on his birthday since 1998.