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Recreational Dungeness crab season opens Saturday

NORTH COAST- Recreational Dungeness crab season is set to open Saturday but before crab fishermen hit the water the U.S. Coast Guard is asking everyone to be cautious when out on the water, especially when the weather conditions could be hazardous to smaller boats.

Boatswain’s Mate First Class James Scott said, “This weekend we could potentially have a little bit of a stronger swell coming through making the waves possibly a little bigger."

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said although the crab population appears to be high this year, the crab in local areas above Cape Mendocino could be underweight for the first few weeks of the season due to late molt. They said there is no limit to the number of pots or nets that can be fished recreationally, except when fishing from a public pier where only two may be used. Also, if you are planning to head out this weekend the Coast Guard recommends a few safety tips before you take off,

Scott said, “Anything involving fog could get someone really tied up. Have a GPS, radar, and know where you are. It is important to know the conditions and the area that you are operating in."

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to remind sport crabbers that they are allowed to keep up to ten Dungeness crabs per day, or six crabs if fishing south of Mendocino county.