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Del Norte County looks to reduce panhandling on streets

CRESCENT CITY - You see it on street corners, and in parking lots of grocery stores and malls. Panhandling is a national issue, and it's something Del Norte County is looking to reduce. 

Due to recent complaints from retailers in the area, a law is being considered that would penalize drivers who hand objects out of their vehicle to panhandlers.

The law is modeled off of one from the city of Medford adopted back in 1999. That ordinance prohibits people from exchanging any property between a car and the street. And if they're caught, they're charged with a $150 fine.

The idea is in the preliminary stages for Del Norte County and requires some further research and cost analysis. 

“It reflects on the community and as a small community, it’s indelible on the viewpoint when someone is passing through the community and sees a community of people who are begging with all sorts of reasons with dogs, with children, with empty gas cans,” Robert Gitlin, Del Norte County supervisor for District 1, said.