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Redway resort shooting leaves one dead

REDWAY- A Southern Humboldt man is dead and one is in custody after an early morning shooting on Wednesday in Redway. The Humboldt County coroner confirms that 40-year-old Daneyal Mohammad Siddique of Redway is the victim of that shooting.

Around 12:15 Wednesday morning, law enforcement and medical aid was called to the scene after reports of gunfire at Dean Creek Resort in Redway.

“I heard a gunshot at the time we were getting into bed around midnight and I heard some screaming right after as I was getting dressed and apparently my neighbor had taken a gunshot wound to the chest and didn't pull through,” said a patron of the resort.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene within nine minutes. Upon arrival, alleged shooter Jason Armstrong from Dumas, Texas turned himself into authorities.

According to the sheriff’s office the two men initially got into a verbal argument when Siddique confronted Armstrong for what appeared to be suspicious lurking around Siddique’s motel room. After the argument, Siddique reportedly returned to his room.

“Mr. Armstrong decided the argument was not over yet and confronted the victim on the back patio of the motel room and at that point Armstrong pulled out a semi automatic handgun that he had in his possession and brandishes it at the victim,” said Lt. Steve Knight with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. “The victim fearing for his life grabbed the hand gun and there was a struggle over the hand gun and Armstrong shot the victim.”

The sheriff’s office says Siddique did not know his shooter prior to their first argument. Meanwhile, neighbors remember Siddique as nice guy, with one resort patron noting the victim had just recently gotten engaged before Wednesday morning’s events.

“I don't know a lot about him other than he was a really nice guy that lived at the end there,” said one patron. “It was really unfortunate. With so many murders here in Humboldt County people are dropping like flies.” 

So far this year the county has seen 10 homicides within the unincorporated areas, that total is double last year’s murder rate.

“We’re going through a period in the county where there seems to be a lot of violent crime and a lot of citizens are taking the matters into their own hands but we're hoping that they'll slow down for a while,” said Lt. Knight. “We haven’t seen a homicide rate like this since 2010 and we may exceed that if this continues.”

Armstrong was booked on one count of murder with his bail set at $1 million dollars.