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Redwood Airlines show and tell at Del Norte County Airport

CRESCENT CITY - Air Excursions made a visit to Crescent City this morning doing business as Redwood Airlines, to show off an aircraft that could soon make it’s home the Del Norte County Airport.

The airline hosted an open viewing of it’s plane and answered questions from the public about it's proposal to the airport. If selected, the airline would offer a single engine, nine-seat turbo props plane, with leather seats and a sleek wood-grain interior.

The airline proposed round trip flights to both Oakland and Portland. The airline is one of three potential bidders to replace Sky West. The airport will discuss all proposals at a board meeting March 5th.

"This is a very strong plus here, that there will be flights to Oakland. Not San Francisco, but to Oakland, which gets us out of that maelstrom of a problem going in and out of San Francisco with cancelled flights and foggy conditions, etc. So I'm going to say, there will be three flights to Oakland and there’s going to be flights north, also to Portland," said Roger Gitlin form the Del Norte Board of Supervisors.