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Redwood and Chilean National Parks collaborate

ORICK - “We live in a global world at this point. We can no longer think of ourselves as insulated from everything else that's going on around the world,” Leonel Arguello, the Chief of Vegetation Management at Redwood National State Parks, said.

The Redwood National and State Parks are hosting officials from Chile’s “Parque Nacional Alerce Costero.”

“We brought up four of them from Chile to really learn about our outdoors education program this week, fire management program, and park management,” Arguello added.

This visit is part of an ongoing exchange between the two parks that began through a Sister Park Agreement signed in 2013. The Redwood National and State Parks and the Alerce Costero in Chile are both next to the Pacific Ocean at similar latitudes, north and south of the equator, meaning they have similar conditions, similar resources, and even similar histories. 

“The benefit is, it's sharing experiences, training, technologies, in both directions. It's not a one-way direction. It's a two-way direction,” Arguello said. 

And the regional director of the National Forestry Corporation in Chile agrees. He says they are learning by comparison. 

“The same problems in the Redwoods are reflected in Chile. So the experience that we’ve had here has been a great help in understanding what we can do to better our parks and our services,” Fredy Ortega, Regional Director with the Chilean National Forestry Corporation, said.

“And there will be much more coming forward. This is not the end, this is just the beginning and we look forward to continued collaboration with our partners,” Arguello said.

This collaboration is made possible by a grant from the US State Department and the Forest Service Agency of Chile as they continue to foster park-to-park relations.