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Redwood Memorial receives Ethan and Teyler Totes for moms in need

FORTUNA- A local organization committed to helping families during medical emergencies, has expanded back to where it all began.

“A lot of our children were born here at redwood so it's a very special place for all of us,” said Jennifer Bailey, founder of Ethan and Teyler Totes. “Just being able to give back to our hometown community is really important.” 

Last week five moms from Ethan and Teyler Totes made a donation to Mad River Community Hospital. Monday, that donation expanded further to residents in the eel river valley.

For the first time, the organization donated thirty totes to be split between Redwood Memorial and St. Joseph Hospitals.

Inside each bag, critical items like toothbrushes and soap for mothers of children in emergency situations. The organization aims to help parents who may have been transported to a new hospital along with their children and are lacking those necessities.

“We've had about nine transports down to the city and when people are transported they are basically just with the clothes on their back when they're there unexpectedly,” said  Karen Lewis RNC and manager of New Beginnings at Redwood Memorial Hospital. “So the amount of support that we're able to give them and that these totes are able to give them is really important.


To donate to Ethan and Teyler Totes, visit their Facebook page.