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Redwood Prep shows appreciation for civil servants

Students at Redwood Prep Charter School gave thanks on Friday to the men and women who serve the community.

The school put together a Civil Servant Appreciation event - law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, members of the military and veterans were all invited to stop by for coffee and treats.

Last week they wrote thank you cards to these personnel.

Students shared their excitement to give back.

"We did this event to show that we care and that we really appreciate them,” said Redwood Prep 7th grader, Tobiah Bruckner, “People in our community such as police officers and firefighters or paramedics they have been helping us - like the police, stopping crime and firefighters saving lives. So we held this event to give appreciation for what they do."

"We want to show how much we care for them and show how much we appreciate them,” added another 7th grader, Phaedra Phillis.