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Redwood Teen Challenge celebrates opening of new home

Individuals struggling with addiction now have more resources in the community.

Today Redwood Teen Challenge had the grand opening of its new rehabilitation transition home on H Street in Eureka.

The home is for graduates of the initial recovery program - those who are looking for jobs and getting back on their feet.

Redwood Teen Challenge currently has a men's home with 50 men and a women's home with 32 women.

"A lot of times people come to teen challenge with nothing and they've burned all their bridges and they're at the end of their rope,” said Executive Director, Tom Throssel, “Some people call that rock bottom. So that's where most of our people come to us and we call them students. So we offer them a place to live we offer them food and we help them learn some discipline. We also help them learn social skills and help them get back on their feet."

This new addition will serve as a transitional home for 10 students at a time.