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Referendum efforts move forward to overturn transgender law

EUREKA- A conservative coalition is optimistic about their efforts to repeal the new California transgender law. 
County officials are verifying signatures to put the issue on a ballot for California voters this November.
Officials in the state's 58 counties are now conducting a full review to verify the over 619,244 signatures submitted. Opponents hope to overturn the new law that allows transgender students to take part in sports and use bathrooms that match their gender identity, instead of their physical sex. 
Superintendent of Eureka City Schools Fred Van Vleck said currently no transgender students have come forward in their district, but that all of the schools have made proper accommodations required by law.  Van Vleck also said if the law is overturned after transgender students have come forward, it could have an impact on there overall school experience, 
"Eureka City Schools is not in the business of taking a position on whether we believe the law is overturned or not,” he said. “It puts us in a precarious situation with students who are transgender. If there were to be any students to come forward and then it gets overturned, it could put those students in an awkward situation.”
In order for the repeal to appear as a  ballot,  the full count must be at least 504,760 valid signatures. County officials have 30 days to count the signatures with results due Feb. 24.