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Renewable energy project to power Tish Non Community Center

LOLETA- This summer you may see something new when driving up Singley Road, two rows of solar panels and seventeen wind turbines. It's all part of a project making the Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria more self sufficient and eco-friendly.

The tribe is partnering with JLM Energy to construct the more than 400 thousand dollar project on the side of Singley Hill. The renewable energy infrastructure will power the Tish Non Community Center, where tribal offices and activities are located.

The tribe already has one turbine providing energy for the wastewater treatment infrastructure. They say the additional turbines and panels will help the tribe cut down it's carbon footprint while saving money.

"It's very exciting," Matthew Mattson, Executive Director Of Tribal Operations said. "It's part of our efforts to be a good global citizen and be environmentally conscious. It's consistent with tribal values. And the reality is, it pencils out financially in the long term. The tribe will reduce it's power bills to PG&E and we'll recover the costs in the long run for the project."

The tribe says they expect to see four to $5,000 in savings per month on the power bill. Construction is scheduled to begin in June and is expected to be complete by the end of summer.