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Representatives meet from Eel River Delta Restoration Project

FORTUNA - The habitat in and around the eel river is suffering and the nearby wildlife and communities are feeling the effects. But the Eel River Delta Restoration Project is addressing the issues of diminishing habitat and much more in three projects. On Thursday, representatives from those three projects gathered to share their ideas and report on their efforts.

“I've lived on the river all my life. I remember catching my first fish right down here when i was an itty-bitty guy and I love this river,” Vincent DiMarzo, a Weott councilman, said.

DiMarzo represented his tribe today at the event celebrating the restoration efforts of three projects in the Eel River Delta. 

“The Eel River has always been a very important source of life for my people and we've always relied upon it very heavily and to see it the way it is today is kind of tough for us,” DiMarzo said.

Restoring wildlife in and around the river is just one part of these projects that are also addressing sustainable agriculture, land management practices, and flood management.

“The flooding that annually happens in the eel river/delta area was getting so severe that no one person could keep it from coming onto their land and they were looking for a solution that was a little more holistic,” Doreen Hansen, the watershed coordinator for the Watershed Coordinator for the Humboldt County Resource Conservation District, said.

The three projects are located in the Salt River, Ocean Ranch, and Eel River Preserve. Each are in different stages of their restoration, but all joined today to discuss ideas and learn from each other. 

“We're all supporting partners in restoring the eel river delta area. Everyone wants to come together and learn-lessons learned from each other. All trying to help each other achieve a similar goal,” Hansen said.

Support for the projects comes from far and wide including landowners and non-profit organizations, as well as local, state, and federal agencies. 

“Just seeing this help a wide variety of entities such as the wildlife and folks who live in this area. It's really nice to see something happen and something that achieves a really good goal,” Hansen said.