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Republican nominee for Lt. Governor shares goals if elected

ARCATA- With the November Elections approaching, community members in Arcata recently had the chance to meet nearly the entire slate of republican state and federal candidates.

The event was held at the Baywood Golf and Country Club on Saturday and was organized by the Humboldt Republicans. North Coast residents were able to meet candidates and the nominees made speeches.  This was the only chance for people in Humboldt County to see the candidates together in person before the November elections.  The Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, and former CAL FIRE Board Member, Ron Nehring, told News Channel 3 what his goals are if he is elected.

"It's very important for every part of the state, especially the north state, that we get economic development moving. Our state's economic development commission shared by lt. Governor is defunct.  We're not doing the things that we need to do in order to bring unemployment down in real ways.  We're continually worrying about more companies leaving California from places like Nevada and elsewhere.  So economic development and schools are our highest priority," said Nehring.