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Residential fire in Hydesville destroys attic

HYDESVILLE - Fire officials are investigating the cause of Thursday’s residential fire in Hydesville. The fire happened at three in the afternoon in the 3700 block of highway 36. The fire was located in the attic of the home and about 50 percent is destroyed. Firefighters with the Fortuna Fire Department were able to contain the fire shortly after arriving.

Officials were on scene investigating Friday morning and homeowner Veronica Medina said, she doesn't know what caused the fire but is trying to save what she can and plans to rebuild.

Fire Chief Lon Winburn from the Fortuna Fire Department said,"It's a long tedious job. It really is. It's just a matter of clearing things out. You know we do a lot of witness interviews to get a good grasp of what was happening before, during, and after, and it's a matter of just sorting through the rubble. We hope to find the cause. We have an origin on the fire, but currently we're looking for a cause."