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Residents concerned about speeding through neighborhood

EUREKA - Speeding on residential streets is a concern for many neighborhoods and after an accident right outside their home, one Eureka family started tracking the speeds of cars themselves.

Cody Briggs was allegedly hit by a postal service truck on the corner of Cedar and Summer last week.

He failed to see the car and claims the truck was coming at a high speed. The collision struck a concern with the family and they began using a radar app on their phone to track the speeds of cars driving by.

The app has shown many vehicles speeding on Summer, something they are worried about and would like to see changed.

“I would like to get some speed bumps on this road because not only do the postal service speeds but personal vehicles are speeding and the speed limit's 25 and the road conditions when they're wet. It just makes things dangerous,” Cody Briggs, a Eureka resident, said.