Residents react to upcoming speed limit increase on Harrison Avenue in Eureka

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EUREKA- While 14 stretches of road in Eureka are getting their speed limits lowered by 5 miles per hour, one road is seeing its speed limit go up.

Harrison Avenue south of Harris Street does not have a speed limit sign posted.  Police officials say because the road is in a residential area, drivers must go 25 miles per hour.  State law requires speed limits to match the current speed that 85 percent of commuters drive. Based on that formula, the speed on that portion of road must increase. Eureka Police Department officials say officers do not conduct speed enforcement on this stretch, but when the sign is posted in May, they will begin making stops.

"People drive entirely to fast on this street now.  They're going to up the speed limit five miles an hour but I don't see where it's going to make any difference at all because it's such a short strip of road here that any police presence really isn't going to make any difference," said Chris Mckee, who lives on Harrison Avenue.

“I think it would be a really good thing to have a posted speed limit to show people what it is," said Amanda Shae McDonald, who lives on Harrison Avenue.