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Retailers See Increase In Black Friday Sales

Retailers at the Bayshore Mall saw an increase in customer traffic and sales on Black Friday, after opening four hours earlier on Thanksgiving night. Stores were offering customers up to fifty percent savings to entice them to buy.

"The response from our tenants has been really good in terms of sales compared to last year," said Kirk White, General Manager of the Bayshore Mall.

"We've got some special deals down here that we've never had before," said Angel Young, Owner of Humboldt Clothing Company.

Bayshore Mall doors opened up at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving night to a busy crowd of earlier bird shoppers. White said parking lots were full next to department stores. "I was pleasantly surprised. A lot more people than I anticipated," said White.

White said stores are opening their doors earlier this year because retailers are loosing an extra week this holiday shopping season. "This year we have one less week than other years because Black Friday is the last Friday of the month," said White.

Shopper, Lisa Coleman of Eureka, came out to the mall for a second time after shopping the night before. Coleman said she was able to get great deals that she couldn't get other times of the year.

"If you don't mind standing in line and if you really want something bad enough you're going to do it. just bring coffee," said Coleman.