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Ricardo Chaney arrested weeks before he shot Mendocino Deputy

There is more information to report on the deceased suspect in the Mendocino shooting. According to the Eugene Police Department, Ricardo Chaney was arrested by Oregon State Police Thursday, March 6th.

Officers were tracking a stolen cell phone and other stolen property by following the signal by GPS. The signal took them to a vehicle belonging to the suspect, Chaney, No stolen items were found and when officers asked to search the vehicle, 32-year old Ricardo Chaney declined. So officers allowed Chaney to leave. He was observed committing several traffic violations as he drove away and was stopped again. This time Chaney was found to have no car insurance. Upon further investigation, officers discovered a modified AR-15 assault rifle and body armor along with methamphetamine. Chaney was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of meth.