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Rio Dell Fire Department selling live Christmas trees to the public

RIO DELL- The Rio Dell Fire Department’s annual Christmas tree fundraiser is now underway.

Tree shipments from Oregon arrived on Friday at the fire department. Volunteers will be selling live Christmas trees to the public until December 24th. The tree sale is the department’s second largest fundraiser of the year. Last year’s sale brought in $5,000. This Christmas, the department is offering more than 300 trees in a variety of sizes. They will also be offering customers delivery services.

“We also have a little teamwork thing this year with the Rio Dell eighth grade class that is trying to raise funds for their class trip,” said Rio Dell Fire Chief Shane Wilson. “And they're going to offer tree pickup after the holidays so the kids will come around with parents I think and they'll pick up your tree for a five dollar fee. So you can sign up for that when you buy your tree here.”