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Rio Dell moves forward with two big projects

RIO DELL - Rio Dell is seeking city wide upgrades and the city engineer has received approval from council to continue with two big projects.

The Metropolitan Wells Project will help alleviate drought impacts and assist local agencies to meet long-term water supply needs. It will now move into preliminary design phase and environmental planning.

The second project, the Active Transportation Program focuses on pedestrian and bike safety and will include several infrastructure enhancements. From, new bike lanes, intersection reconfigurations, ramps, striping and sidewalks, the city says, it's perfecting it's application to Caltrans to receive funding for the project.

"The project, it's been known that it's been needed for some time. To basically remodel the on and off ramp section on the north end of town and the interface with Highway 101 to improve pedestrian safety and so, this is basically moving this process forward and seeking some assistance from the state to help make the project a reality," said Rio Dell City Manager, Kyle Knopp.