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Rio Dell officials begin work on ‘Avenue of Sculptures’

RIO DELL- An Avenue of Sculptures. That’s what the city of Rio Dell has imagined for its Wildwood Avenue. And now local artists have a chance to display their work to the public, as part of the Wildwood Avenue Enhancement Project. 

The city installed two pedestals in the street's median to display artwork and enhance the town's beauty. One sculpture is already on display, called “Jumping Salmon”, but the other pedestal is still in need of art. The artwork that was planned for the street was too large, meaning the spot is back open for applicants. The city hopes to put in 12 more sculptures over time.

“The term avenue of the sculptures ties it into the avenue of the giants. We're looking to increase tourism in Rio Dell, beautify the town, bring art to the town,” said Nick Angeloff, executive director of the Eagle Prairie Art District. “The arts district is part of the sculpture committee; the chamber of commerce is part of the committee. So this is not just about art, but about economic development, increasing tourism, pulling people off the road and making it a nicer place to live in general.”

The group needs to raise $300,000 to put in the additional 12 sculptures. They also hope to put in lights, and interpretive panels and benches along the roadway to accompany the artwork.

To donate to the avenue of sculptures concept, or to apply to display your work, contact the city of Rio Dell.