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Rio Dell police to increase enforcement along river bar

RIO DELL- The Rio Dell Police Department will increase enforcement along the river bar in response to residents concerns over pollution and noise in the area. Police will increase patrols in the area, continue the policy of locking access points at night and review the city's noise ordinance.

"This is Rio Dells front yard. but. evidentially, Rio Dell doesn't want to take care of it anymore," said Michael Chase who lives along the river bar.

Chase said people dump garbage along the river and damage the area with motorized vehicles like motorcycles and ATV's. Chase said the council should close the river bar to vehicles and only keep it open for pedestrians. "Are we too lazy we can't walk anymore," said Chase.

Rio Dell resident George Patmore said their is garbage along the river, but said the river does not need to be closed to stop it. "People litter and leave their garbage down there, which, I think, is a pretty easy fix," said Patmore.

The city issued a survey over the summer to residents to get information on the issue, but only received 10 percent of the surveys back. The council directed staff to issue out another survey and are hoping more people will respond.