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Rio Dell resident grows 440-pound pumpkin

RIO DELL - If a good farmer is said to have a green thumb, then this farmer’s thumb is orange.

"It weighs 440 pounds. It's the biggest one I’ve grown," Ken Swinnock of Rio Dell said.

Swinnock has only been growing pumpkins for two years and he’s already beating his own records. Last year, his pumpkin weighed in at 360-pounds. This year, 80 pounds more than that!

Swinnock started growing this year’s pumpkin in April and he grew it from the seeds of last year’s pumpkin.

But don’t expect to see any carvings. Swinnock says he plans to chop it up and feed it to his cow!

Swinnock is 80 years old but says he will keep growing pumpkins as long as he can.

“It takes a lot of care. Every day you gotta do something. Take all the other pumpkins off of it. Just have one pumpkin on the plant. And fertilizer. I use Miracle Grow twice a week on it. And lots of water,” Swinnock explained about growing the gourd.