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Rio Dell residents receive free produce, health services

RIO DELL- Residents of Rio Dell were able to get fresh produce for free Wednesday as part of Food for People’s Mobile Produce Pantry program. The Mobile Produce Pantry provides low-income families across Humboldt County with free fruits and vegetables.

The program serves more than 1,300 households per year; nearly 100 of those families are in Rio Dell. On Wednesday the mobile pantry was out at the city’s fire department. It stops there the second Wednesday of every month.

“We're really proud of the produce that we offer to these communities,” said Heidi Mchugh, Community Educator and Outreach Coordinator for Food for People. “A lot of it is locally sourced from local farmers so it really kind of makes that community connection of people accessing the freshest produce possible that helps our local farmers.”

Along with the mobile pantry, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Mobile Engagement Vehicle was also present at the event offering free healthcare services to the families. To see where the mobile produce pantry and the engagement vehicle will be next, visit