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Rise of mail-in ballot requests for California elections

EUREKA - A survey of California counties is estimating that about half of California voters opted for mail-in ballots this year.

Nearly nine million Californians chose the vote-by-mail option for the upcoming election on November 4. But in Humboldt County, the election office has seen a decrease in mail-in ballots returned compared to previous years. We are still five days from Election Day so if you have your mail-in ballot, you still have time. Mail-in ballots must be returned to the election office by  8 on election night. A postmark dated before November 4 is not good enough. Your ballot will not be counted if it is received anytime after. 

“It appears to me that our vote by mail ballots, the number that have come in so far, are a little low. A little lower than I would expect at this point. I'm thinking that a lot of voters that received a vote by mail ballot might be considering turning them in at the polls and so I’m hoping the turn out will be better there,” Carolyn Crnich, County Clerk, Recorder, and Registrar of Voters, said.