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Rohner Recreation Hall undergoes major renovation

FORTUNA- Construction is underway at a Fortuna recreation hall thanks to a donation from the Goble Foundation.

According to city officials, the Rohner Recreation Hall in Rohner Park was in desperate need of repair with a sinking floor, falling roof and a termite infestation. The foundation donated over $100,000 to the city for the repairs, which includes bringing the building up to ADA standards.

The building is home to many community groups, including the Redwood Genealogical Society, the girl scouts and city commissions. Construction is set to be completed November 25. 

“It’s an important building in the park and not knowing if a lot of people know that it's here because it's really just used by certain groups but it's a valuable building that is used by the community at a relatively reasonable cost,” said Kevin Carter

City of Fortuna development services manager. “It’s just good to have the building brought up to the standards and get rid of the pests, get rid of all of the old structural issues that could have been a bad thing over time.”