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The Rotary Club of Eureka special presentation on sensor for self-driving cars

EUREKA - Self-driving cars could be closer to a reality than we think and the Rotary Club of Eureka got the opportunity Monday, to learn about the sensors being used on those cars..

The special presentation by Velodyne, explained it’s sensors see the environment in 3D, real-time and look out 100 meters. It can detect if there's an obstacle and based on that decision, is able avoid collisions. The company is currently working with Ford, Toyota and General Motors on development.

The sensors are also used here on the north coast to take forest measurements and determine tree height, crown and volume. 

"People say, when will self-driving cars be coming? Obviously on the street in Silicon Valley, you see a couple of them. Google's self-driving car and actually a lot of the car manufacturers have research labs and some of them drive around on the streets In Silicon Valley. But, specialized equipment like the hold trucks and the dump trucks from Caterpillar, they already drive around in the mines of Australia. In a special area, obviously not accessible to the public and the trucks drive around and make sure they don't run anybody over," said Velodyne Director of Sales & Marketing, Wolfgang Juchmann.