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Rough roads due to Caltrans paving project on 101 causing concerns

EUREKA - A Caltrans paving project on Highway 101 south of Eureka has motorists concerned for their safety. A contractor is grinding down and replacing the pavement on both the north and south bound lanes between Herrick Avenue and Hookton road. Work on the project is happening during the overnight hours, but the ground down lanes are still open for motorists during the day.

According to Caltrans officials, they have received concerns from the public that the ground down lanes are dangerous causing rocks to fly into vehicles and cracking windshields. Caltrans says the lanes are safe but they are witnessing motorist driving over the speed limit. Fines are doubled in construction zones.

The project should be completed by the end of the month. Until then, motorists are asked to take caution and slow down.