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Russians train in Eureka to educate students with disabilities

EUREKA- Russian healthcare professionals have traveled across the county to learn how to integrate children with disabilities into their educational systems. The team will train for the next seven days in order to learn different programs, services and laws that help disabled students in the classroom.

"[We are here] to help [our disabled children] go to regular school," said Maria Egorcheva, the translator for the group who has worked in education before.

The four women are a collection of health care workers and educators who come to train as part of Rotary Club International. The women have toured different schools and programs in Humboldt County that specifically teach students with disabilities.

Egorcheva said Russia educates their students with disabilities differently. She said students in more severe cases are taken to live at full-time institutions permanently and do not go to public school. 

Dr. Kim Bauriedel, a member of Rotary International who organized the visit, said the Russian government is starting to adopt educational systems like the United States. "Russia is making that transition and we're helping that group learn how to do that," he said.

Mindy Fattig, the Director Humboldt and Del Norte School District's special education programs, said she will design specific guidelines for the women at the end of training to help them implement the plans.