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S. Humboldt businesses are feeling impact of Redwood Drive closure

GARBERVILLE- Southern Humboldt businesses are wondering how they’re going to pay their bills now that Redwood Drive will remain closed for the next several weeks. The road closed back on February 23rd after a car was hit by falling rocks and a survey showed the area needed further repairs. Some say the road closure is taking a huge hit to businesses along the bluffs and filling up at the gas pump is taking a huge hit to wallets because of the detour. The Executive Director of the Garberville Redway Area Chamber of Commerce said, “it is having a huge negative impact on our local businesses, every business is reporting a downturn and its basically not going good. I know for me personally, because I live outside Redway and I work in Garberville, my gas bill has gone up quite a bit so that’s a hardship on my family and I’m sure other families are feeling that as well.”  Those in the area say they were hopeful the road was going to open this week but County Roads says it will be another three weeks.