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Safe way to get home on New Years

People celebrating New Years will have a way to get home safe and avoid driving drunk.

Humboldt Towing has offered the Towing Operators Working to Eliminate Drunk Drivers (T.O.W.E.D.). The program has been in effect since December 15th.  The program runs until New Years Day at 6 a.m. and provides drivers who can drive you and your vehicle home from any party or bar between Fortuna and McKinleyville. 

T.O.W.E.D. is free and the service is available 24 hours a day.

"We do it so we can get the people who have been drinking off the road and make sure everybody gets home safe. Obviously if you drive drunk you have the chance of getting pulled over and you lose your car and the license. This way it gives you an alternative," said Danny Niles with Humboldt Towing.