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The Salvation Army kettle drive up against shorter holiday season

EUREKA- The Salvation Army’s annual Kettle Drive started last week but a local chapter said they are worried about the donations this year. A later than usual Thanksgiving holiday has narrowed the window for the drive, said Lt. Tim Danielson, leaving him concerned that the organization may not reach its donation goals,
"We are significantly down. Last year the kettle season was down $30,000."
In 2011 Eureka's Salvation Army brought in nearly $90,000, but last year those numbers significantly dropped, bringing in around $60,000, two-thirds of what they saw the year before.
"Numbers are hard to make, We are trying to make sure we at least hit the $60,000 mark again this year to match it," said Lt. Danielson.
Lt. Danielson said many people fear that the money may not be going back into the community, but reassured that every dollar put inside of the kettle goes straight back into the community,
"It helps the kids it helps the families in need."