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Salyer resident doesn't get gift delivered by Christmas

SALYER- People across the country have been experiencing some delays with their online shopping this Christmas.  In Trinity County, one resident couldn’t provide a certain special gift for her children on Christmas morning.

Kelly Morris searched online for nearly a week for a swingset to give to her two children for Christmas.  She made the purchase through last Friday.

"I saw this guarantee and I'm like 'Oh that would be perfect!'" said Morris.

Two days later, she received a verification email from which stated the package had been successfully shipped.  The next day, when tracking the package through its delivery service, Fedex, she saw the package was still in Texas. She says a Walmart customer service representative told her it was on schedule while a FedEx representative told her it was sent as FedEx Ground, which would take longer than Christmas Eve to arrive.

"I just had the biggest lump in my throat and my stomach just dropped. It was really dissapointing," Morris said.

So she and her partner drove back to Eureka from their home in Salyer to do more shopping.

Now Morris says she's not even sure if they're going to keep the swingset when it arrives.

"It's like the magic of Christmas, especially for little kids. It's not the same as Christmas morning and it being there," said Morris.

She says she shouldn’t have waited so long to get the gift, but would have never purchased the swingset if she didn’t see the guarantee.

"We don't know if we're going to take it back and get our money back. It's a significant amount of money," Morris said.

Kelly Morris also says this ordeal has been a significant disappointment.

News Channel 3 reached out to Walmart and FedEx officials, but did not hear back by deadline.