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Samoa Fire Department gets new engine

SAMOA - The Samoa Fire Department welcomed a new engine this week that will enable them to fight fires like never before. The fire truck is a type three engine, the first of its kind for the district.

The truck will be used primarily for wild land fires, something the peninsula encounters often with their terrain. Some of the features of the engine are its four-wheel drive and ability to carry up to 500 gallons of water.

The California Department of Forestry split the cost of the truck with the fire station’s volunteer committee.The volunteers that live at the station are working on the truck this winter so it is ready to go by the spring.

“Out here on the peninsula, where we have all types of incidents that we respond to, to have the different equipment that we do to help with mitigate and circumstance that happens is just a great tool. And we also have the resident program. Getting them exposed to the different equipment is great as well,” Chief Dale Unea, with the Samoa Peninsula Volunteer Fire Department, said.