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Samoa Peninsula Fire looks to form Community Services District

SAMOA- After the town of Manila decided against annexing with Samoa, the fire department has been working to become the lead agency in a new community services district.
If it follows through the Samoa Peninsula Fire Protection District would reform and oversee all management and operations of the community services district, while still providing fire services to the peninsula. The new district would span and cover the town of Samoa, Fairhaven, and the business park. Chairman of the Samoa Fire Protection District Troy Nicolini said by forming the new district it would establish one entity to provide services in the unincorporated areas. Nicolini added that it would also allow the creation and development of new projects and homes along the entire peninsula,
“Anybody who wants to do anything on the peninsula needs to have a sewer system, freshwater supply, a fire department and if there are separate entities providing all of those services then what you have essentially is administrative costs for each of those entities,” he said, “At the end of the day, the formation of a community services district is to provide an efficient and cost effective way to provide services."
The fire protection district has completed their plan for services, next a fiscal analysis will be conducted and once that is complete they will send their application to LAFCO for approval.