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Samoa Penninsula Fire District receives year's supply of toilet paper

SAMOA- The Samoa Peninsula Fire District has received a year’s supply of toilet paper thanks to a donation.

Charmin is donating nearly 50,000 rolls of toilet paper to one fire station in each state as part of the Charmin Relief Project. The Company Officer of the Samoa Peninsula Fire District, Nick Bollier, saw an advertisement for the project online and applied the fire district for the project.  The fire district received 960 rolls of toilet paper a week ago, which fire officials say is beneficial because of the six firefighters that live at the station full time and usually have to pay for toilet paper. 

"With as tight as money is for our fire district right now, things like this, little expenses, end up going a long way. Especially when we get a supply this big of something. It's huge for us because it's less money that we're going to have to spend and more money we can put towards something else that helps out our community and our firefighters," said Company Officer Bollier.